Clinical Trials
  • Sourcing Difficult to Find RLDs
  • CRO Support Services
  • Cold-chain Distribution Capability
Licensing/Product Development
  • Global Network
  • Ethical, Generic and Biosimilars
  • Access to Major Pharma Companies
API Sourcing
  • Experience With Most API
  • Speciality in Sourcing Difficult API
  • Biosimilar & Other Product API
  • Developing your sales & increasing market share
  • Building your brand
  • In both licensed and unlicensed markets for your product portfolio

We provide an integrated or bespoke service ensuring clients and patients have access to important therapies. We succeed through more cost effective and safer delivery systems, providing support throughout the product lifecycle.

International Business Experience

Our executive team have built and run business in many international markets.

Experienced Leadership

Industry experts with over 30 years experience across key supply and development models.

Product Development

Focussing on biosimilar and other market medicines, with bespoke product development, service and support